Staff Remote Access Unlock

"Knocking" for either location will allow you to connect via your existing Remote Desktop icons from outside the office for 4 hours, after which you will need to return to this page and "knock" again. When the timer elapses if you're still using the server your session will freeze but you will not lose any work. When you re-knock and reconnect to the server you'll be exactly where you were when the timer ran out.

If you are connecting from a location regularly (hospital, home, etc.) please provide your IP Address () to Pete or Sharon along with a description of the location. Appropriate locations will be added with permanent permissions.

Note: Remote access to the server is intended for Physicians, Managers and Supervisors. Hourly staff should only be connecting while at work. Remote connection logs are audited, unauthorized remote connections will be reviewed with managers.

Remote Support Software: To install the software that allows remote support access and antivirus for your computer, download and install nsoagent.exe.